Monday, January 26, 2015

If only it could be a full time job and people paid me to work on my own bikes...

Lots on the needed list, but comin along. Save the Pre-unit swingarms.


missinglink said...

I like the way this one`s going ,nice score with the tail light too .

JTbrothers motorcycles said...

Hello there, I got a question about the rear frame of your swingarm triumph.I bought a '56 frame which they cut off the seat rails.
We made new seat rails but the swingarm is off (one leg straight; one bent (chain side))so I need to make the seatrails the same otherwise my rear shocks aren't vertical straight but then my wheel and fender aren't in the middle of the seat rails which.
So what's up with this frame? Can you give me some dimensions of the seat rails ?

I want to do something like your rear end. Is the fender,seat and wheel in the middle of the seat rails our are you gonna tell me the wheel is off the middle???
Thanks Joris.