Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One little ball

I got everything tightened and set again and was about to embark on a test ride when I realized I couldn't find my gear lever. I've done a few Yamahas since this has been apart and I think I may have mistakenly gave away the lever. Luckily the RD had a spline that fit an I have a big foot.

When I went to go on a test ride it would sputter and die in gear. I figured the clutch may have stuck together since it was down for a year and a half. I spent the night reconditioning the clutch, but it seemed fine.

I had one idea left and pulled the left cover off and looked at the worm gear. There should be a 8mm / 5/16" / #10 ball bearing in there. It must have fallen out at some point. I'm going to hit up a bicycle shop to see if they have anything today. Amazing what one little bearing can do.

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