Monday, February 3, 2014

Been a while

I think a year and a half is long enough for teh XS650 to be down. I ended up getting my barrels done a while ago. Their prices went way up, I think it cost me $175. The XS piston clearance is really tight, too. But they did a really good job. I ended up getting some pistons/rings off ebay for about 1/2 price. They are a Japanese made OEM style, without many reviews, but those that have seen them say they are good. Those cost $80. They are 2nd oversize. And I got a Vesrah motor kit for $50 this week. I can finally finish this!

I had a goal yesterday to get the barrels on.

Quick top polish, per manual.

Make sure you put the inner circlips on!!!

I don't have a ring compressor. I saw online a technique to put them in the barrels first. The XS clearance is reallllllly tight and it was a bit difficult, but all good. Couldn't imagine doing this if they were on the connecting rods.

Slide the head down, and rest on wood. Put the wrist pin in and connect the piston to the connecting rod. Amazingly, not that hard.

Took 2 hours, but got done just as the kid woke! Next up is the head.

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