Sunday, January 26, 2014


I had a great day yesterday... until a certain point when the bike started sputtering. I pulled over and my plugs were very lean, yet I was bellowing smoke (white?). I turned the airscrews in some and rode another 10 minutes and then he bike started dying. I pulled over and my plugs were super dark and fouled. I cleaned them and they were sparking, but the bike wouldn't start, just a couple burps and some carb back fires. I coasted down the hill to try to bump start it, it finally caught on a little down the hill and then it went out again. As I was pulling over I saw my footpeg fly off, broken. Bike refused to start. I rode bitch home with Dan and we went back with new plugs. Nothing. Luckily i still have the trailer so I went home and got that.

The Triumph refuses to start. I get a couple pops and backfires but not much. Bright spark. I did a compression test. The right cylinder gave me 115, and the left 155. I put a teaspoon of oil in the right cylinder and it shot up to 175. I feel like it might be the rings. I've always had some smokey issues and I'm wondering if the rings never set right. Any comments???

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