Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Last Day

Today is the last day of my dad-cation. Max and Lori left Thursday morning to visit family in Arizona. I walked them into the airport pulling the luggage and balancing the car seat on my shoulder and said goodbye. I promptly went home with a tweaked neck/upper shoulder from carrying the car seat and have spent my entire dad-cation in a bit of pain and not doing quite as much as I'd hoped. Am I really getting that old/out of shape? Thursday was clerical work and lying on the couch trying to work a giant knot out of my back. Most of Friday was spent at the DMV, followed by a night of drinking whiskey with Lucas powering through the entire Tom Petty Greatest Hits album on acoustic guitars. Saturday I took a chilly ride in the Oakland Hills and came home deaf, promptly ordering slip-in baffles. I also began to work on some long unfinished art projects, but realized my back was too sore to be hunched over for long. Today, well today, I managed to sleep in until 7:30AM, the longest yet. Today will hopefully be one last ride, hopefully more art, clean the house, and prepare the backyard for the rain we are finally getting tomorrow. All of our kitchen cabinet doors are out there getting stripped. This is it Jason, tomorrow you're a full time dad again. Back to being a weekend warrior. But I sure miss my sexy wife and little goofball.

Now I remember why I stopped painting... shit's hard!

miss this kid!!!

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