Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bugging Me

Things I want to change, or wish I could change, on the pre-unit still:
I want to move the oil tank up to fill in the space. I'll do this if/when I take it back down for paint.
The oil tank also needs a drain plug. Very difficult to change the oil.
I wish I had the capabilities to make a matching primary side bubble on the oil tank, maybe tool storage.
Speaking of drain plugs, the primary needs one too.
I need slightly higher bars.
The gas tank will need repainted. Because one of the previous owners put the tapered bungs in upside down. I can only get 1-1/2 threads in on the petcocks.
Better petcocks and petcock placement. Having issues with the petcock levers hitting the carb cables.
The headlight is mounted too high. I'd have to make a custom lower fork bracket.
The exhaust is fucking loud, too loud. Don't know what to do about that.
I want to redo the head steady because I can't access the gas tank securing nut.
As much as I love the Fab Kevin seat mount, I want to use a lower profile one to clean up that area.
The seat still needs to move further back. To do so, I'd need to make totally different spring perch mounts.
The hardtail is a 2" drop, 2" stretch. I think the bike looks too long still and wish I had a 1" stretch (or maybe less). Too late for that.
Those that put 4" stretch or longer on their bikes are nuts
I also wish the hardtail construction matched the front loop construction. It's too "plain." Gusseting, and brazing with sleeves. FMW says they can do this.
The brake pedal perch needs redone. It was a last minute replacement and the metal is too thin and flexes. The shape doesn't work for me either.
No MIG welds.
If I could do it over, I'd find a Triumph front brake hub to use that actually stops, and is for 40 spoke wheels.

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