Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The 49 Mile Ride #13

Lucky 13. That was this year's 49 Mile Ride put on by Pete and Kim Young. I have been trying desperately to get the pre-unit done each year and this was the year! I was originally going to trailer it over the bridge, but I finally just decided to ride across. I met up with some buddies for a morning coffee and then we rode over. I had no real issues except some clutch slipping at higher revs and a kickstand that dropped down. We pulled into the Boat Club by the Giants stadium and I began my rounds. Amazing how many people approached me about the bike, knowing how long I'd been working on it. I got a few kudos from some old timers. It felt great to finally be there on that bike.

My biggest issue of the day was the clutch cable slackening. It had happened before on a test ride, and this time it happened just as I was going over the top of Lombard St. I almost rammed into another rider. I had to shut off the bike and coast down that crazy twisty street. At the bottom I readjusted and had a bunch of riders stay back with me while I fixed it. Much karma! The only other problem was some black smoke coming out the right side. Not quite sure why I'm running rich on that side. At Twin Peaks the weather took a serious downturn for cold and windy. I decided not to press my luck any further and headed home with no issues. I rode with my buddy Doug on his Triumph chopper. At one point we just looked at each other and smiled big shit eating grins at each other. What a perfect moment.
before heading over

Next 3 pictures courtesy of Pete at Occhio Lunggo

Next 3 pictures courtesy of Paul at The Vintagent

the only picture I took

I'm going to re-torque and adjust what's needed and move the seat a little. I'm going to take a little break from bikes and try to get back into art for a bit. Then onto finishing some other projects and then the next pre-unit!

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