Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Simple Man, Simple Tastes, Simple Truck

When I sold the Desoto I had intentions of replacing it with an old truck, specifically a '38-'47 Dodge. I couldn't find one I could afford. Then I wanted to buy a bunch of tools and finish the '62 Trump. Like most things that get sold, the money has a way of finding itself reabsorbed into the family one way or another and the window to buy something else is lost. I am not employed. My 24 hour day job is watching Max, so it's very hard to justify ANY spending these days. So it hurts even more to see my dream pickup sitting 3 hours away from my parents in Ohio for about 1/2 what I'd have to pay in the Bay. It's a '47 1/2 ton, all stock, mostly original. Looks to be from a ranch in Little Rock, AK not too long ago. I've been trying to surpress my urges, to turn the switch off in my head the last few days. It isn't working. She's a beaut, Clarke.

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