Wednesday, July 10, 2013


And we're back from a 2 week exhausting adventure to Ohio and North Carolina to see family. It was great to see my folks play with Max for real for the first time, and let Max run around in the grass. And then he got to play with his cousins in North Carolina and live suburban for a week. Future posts...

I was greeted in the garage with a nice puddle of gear oil under my Triumph. Guess I didn't fix that leak...

I also had to rip the magneto off for a 2nd time and send it to the rebuilder for a 3rd time, no spark. If he receives the mag and it has spark, I vow to sell this Triumph and all my other bikes and retire from anything motorcycle. I did decide to ease some of the agony of installing/removing the magneto and got one of those long nuts to put on. That bottom nut is such a pain.

Now back to the fun of acclimating a toddler to a 3 hour time zone difference.

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