Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Max's 4th

Max turned 4 months old today. He is an absolute handful. He's standing now quite well as long as he uses me for balance. He's jabbering, drooling, cranky and smiley, playful and pouty. He's pushing his arms and holding his body up, really wanting to crawl. We think he is beginning to know his name. He is on the verge of sitting and holding himself up. He loves to be outside and to be carried in his new carrier. His mother misses him dearly during the day. He loves his new bath, is splashing and loving it; he is a water-baby Pisces afterall. I didn't get a onesie done for him because he's quickly outgrowing everything. We're lucky if we get one use in on some things. He is awesome, exhausting, beautiful, my buddy, and all encompassing.

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