Friday, March 23, 2012


Betsy is a popular name for old cars. Growing up my mom called our Plymouth van Betsy. I remember freezing in the seats waiting for the van to start in the cold Ohio winter; my mom chanting "Come on Betsy!" I named my '58 Apache "Betsy." Have I mentioned how much I miss having a truck? I miss Betsy and I miss Flattie May.


BitMonkey said...

My Mom's first car was a '50 Ford she called Betsy. My parents must have owned that car for 20+ years. Riding in it is my earliest memory of riding in a car. I remember being able to stand upright in the backseat because the roof was taller than early 70's cars and thinking that was so cool. I still remember the smell of the interior and the sound of the tube AM radio. I honestly think that car loved our family. I hope she's still rollin' somewhere.

Jared "Troop" Wambaugh said...

Betsy is the name of my pops' 1966 Triumph Chopper he bought new at the dealer in 67 and subsequently chopped up! Still has it and rides today!