Friday, September 2, 2011


As mentioned earlier, Lori and I spent 8 day on Kaua'i and it was fantastic. Beautiful, rich and lush vegetation, hot, humid, warm evenings, hot sandy beaches, and chickens everywhere. I specifically wanted to be on the most deserted and least touristy island. I just wanted to relax, and that we did! We initially went in planning on just sitting on the beach and napping, but as time went on we decided to do more and more things like tubing down an old sugarcane plantation irrigation ditch, a luau, drove all over the island, visited Waimea Canyon, but the best was a boat ride to the Napoli Coast and snorkeling. It was just such a great experience.

Here are all the pics. That's actually incorrect, I have 2 rolls of film to develop from our waterproof camera.

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JessX said...

no flowery shirts? pfft it's like you weren't even in hawaii