Monday, January 24, 2011

Triumph Wrench Weekend - Part 1

I made it back in last night. What a weekend. So much went down, and yet we still have so far to go. But it was a blast. I'm going to break my posts up for each day to make it more manageable.


Francisco let me borrow his truck. I took my preunit and his friend's '57 preunit up. After a 4 hour drive (it should be around 2-1/2) through horrible traffic full of people trying to get to the powder-covered mountains, I made it to Grass Valley and greeted everyone. We had some 'za and hit the garage.

Friday was mostly setting everything out and going over a game plan. After Pops got over laughing after looking at my welds and Troop did an overall inspection, we made a to do list. A big one. That's what she said.

And christened the start of the weekend.

You might notice how great some of these pictures are. They are by Sarah Butcher who stopped by and snagged a few of us acting like buffoons.

That night we got the basic mockup together and started talking things out. Since I changed hardtails everything I did had to be redone basically. Let me just stress how glad I am I just decided to change things. It was the right decision. Everything just fell into place, proportionately, stylistically, and functionally.

The rest of Friday was spent just drinking. We'd pay for it on Saturday.

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BitMonkey said...

Your buddy's pre-unit is cool. Based on the last mock up photo you posted I can't wait to see more progress on yours.