Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Attractive Tractor

This is Lori's uncle's late '40's / early '50's Farmall tractor. I asked Lori's family not to ever get rid of it I would take it. I want to restore it and ride it around Oakland in my cowboy hat. Then Lori called me a scenester. Women are harsh.

For shits & giggles, here's some links.
Restoration Parts
1939 Restoration
1941 Restoration
Cub Restoration


Anonymous said...

be careful what you wish for, you might get it! My dad died with 2 and a half tractor projects, and I need to sell them this year... Maybe I should give them away to a friend? :)

Vorhese said...

I think I can see steam coming off Lori's head

BitMonkey said...

Take away the cowboy hat and riding a tractor around Oakland would just make you an a-hole, not a scenester. That seems like a great idea to me...

Anonymous said...

I like the comment of being a-hole. I love old tractors though.

Troop said...

My pops has a 53 Ford Golden Jubilee edition we used daily growing up. I won't let it leave the family. Are we starting our old man collection of projects already?