Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rainy Day Spacer

Front wheel bearing spacer V2.0. Length of spacer to cut from thanks to Dad. Wishin' I had a lathe.

I met Chris at Wheel Works in Hayward for the first time Friday. If you think you have a smidgeon of knowledge on old bikes go get your wheels done here, and he'll school you and make you walk out with your tail between your legs. Wow, what a wealth of information and experience he has. I felt like a super newb. Tucked away in an old commercial district, packed full of 1000's of wheels, brakes, factory rigid preunit behind counter, and tons of preunits in the back just collecting dust. I'm bringing a notebook next time I go.

He's lacing a 19" Harley rim Throwbacks Pops got me to the Superhawk front drum Carl gave me for my CB750. Told me not to bother getting a new rim for the Bultaco hub on the Triumph, use it till I absolutely need to get something different. And told me some things I did wrong. That the brake won't stop a fly. I got educated for 2 1/2 hours and I think I said about 20 words.

PS: Don't lay your wheel on the 61 Norton under the tarp in the front.

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