Monday, January 4, 2010

RIP Kenny Eggers

I just learned that Kenny Eggers, an amazing flat track racer from the 1950's, died on December 29th. The man was rad.

Listen to these

"My bike was geared for Larry Headrick, who was 30 pounds lighter, and was way too tall and Sifton refused to change it," Eggers remembers of the Springfield race. "In the final I was so mad at Sifton for not lowering the gear, that I was thinking about laying the bike down on purpose. The gearing was so tall that I got a bad start and was way back in the crowd. I worked my way through and finally caught up with Bill Tuman, who was running second. I got by Tuman and his front wheel was rubbing on my leathers in the corners. This was about 14 laps into the 25-lap final.

"I just never let off the gas and three laps later I caught up to Hill and was just getting ready to pass on the inside when the bolt holding on my chain guard broke. The chain guard fell off and I ran over it. That threw me sideways and I bounced off of Hill than ended way up near the fence. The clutch was dragging on the chain and the motor wouldn't pull top speed anymore, so I finished second."

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