Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years Resolution #1

Resolution #1: Finish this painting, do more art.
It's really hard to juggle life and hobbies. Sometimes I go through phases of doing one thing and not another. I've been pretty heavy into working on my Desoto and motorcycles for 3 years and haven't done much in the way of art. A few things here and there, but nothing to speak of. There was a time when all I did was art. Of course, I didn't have a job (or a girlfriend). I don't think I can ever find time like that again, but I would like to put more time aside. Coming home from work work I'm tired, hungry, have a wife to feed, and dogs to take care of. But if I can get past that, I usually just plop myself in front of the tv and vegetate the rest of the night. TV is the drug I have ti get off. This week I found myself just disgusted with most of television and can't deal with it anymore. The same shit over and over. Maybe this is my chance to make my move.

So I cleared off a space behind the couch so I can still be social with the family, and started working on this painting again. It's been about 3 years since I last touched it. But I have the drive again. I quickly learn all my inabilities and weaknesses, and pushing through them is the hardest thing. It's hard to not just say, "DAMN I SUCK!" If I can get past that, I just do the best I can. The next one will be better right? Just keep chugging away. Progress comes with practice.

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