Monday, October 12, 2009

My Numbs Are Thumb

I made it to Jimmy's sans the wife, she had to stay home and finish up some wedding crafts. This was the maiden voyage of the Desoto after all the brake work. I took Luka and met up with our friends F + L and their 51 Plymouth and found a spot. Holy Jesus it was cold. The longer the day went on the colder it got. We checked out some cars and, after a lot of searching for a lighter, fired up the grill. We were huddled around the teeny propane grill for the little heat it gave off. We also met up with D and his 64 Impala. All in all, cool cars, cold weather, high entry fee. I may not go back.

On the way home the dust cover on the front right wheel flew off. I could hear it *ping* on the street as I drove. Coming home on the highway things were good until my exit, where the front right wheel started whining then screeching horrible. I pulled over and saw grease oozing out the axle and smoking. Guess I tightened the nut a wee too much. Hopefully I didn't cook the bearings, but if it was making that much noise I probably did. It's going to start raining so it looks like the Desoto maintenance weather is over. We didn't even get a summer, it was so cold all the time. Here come the rains.

Here are all the pics from the show.

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