Monday, October 5, 2009

Clash of the Hussies

Lori dragged me to a Clash tribute show on Friday at the Bottom Of The Hill that the Hussies were playing. I was figuring, "Great. A shitty tribute show with shitty local bands." Except the Hussies, of course. Talk about being wrong. All the bands were great. Local magician on guitar Eric McFadden pretty much brought down the house during his set. I've never seen nor heard of this guy before. It was like listening to Hendrix cover Clash songs. Amazing. The Hussies only had two practices in, but managed to get 4 songs down Hussies style. Interchords opened. This other great band The Hooks played and I was pretty impressed with them.

But the biggest event of the night happened right after the first band. The Hussies were getting ready to go on second when they announced a "special guest" would be playing a few. Everyone went out back to smoke. Suddenly the guitar started ringing out. I blurted out "Who does this guy think he is, Billy Bragg?" Oh hah. About 20 people suddenly stopped what they were doing and stared at me. About 5 of us crept inside to see who this was. My eyes widened, yes, indeed, Billy Bragg. He was right there belting off a few of his songs. Mr. Long-winded political lefty himself, today's Woody Guthrie, Billy Bragg. He talked about his new foundation "Jail Guitar Doors." Simply awesome.

And the Hussies had to follow him. They did a great job!

Billy Bragg
Jail Guitar Door
Two Timin' Hussies
The Hooks
Eric McFadden

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