Monday, September 14, 2009


It took all weekend but I managed to get the rear drums off. I tried making my own puller, that failed. The puller I needed was $200. So I rented a cheap Chinese puller for $6 from Kragen and finally got the suckers off. The right drum came off easily. The left drum fought me for 2 days.

I tightened the tool, let it sit for a while. I put heat on it. More WD-40. I had to weld a brace to it to keep it from spinning. Nothing. I took my rubber mallet and, in a fit of rage, wacked the perimeter about 100 times. Just as I was about to stop... "POP!" No better sound in the world. I got to my knees and cried a little and mumbled a prayer to the car god. Now I can go on with my life. It only took ALL WEEKEND.

I'll just cut and grind this off.

So the Desoto will be down at least a couple more weeks, and this weekend is Billetproof. Bummer. I'm getting new wheel cylinders, cleaning everything up. I won't skimp on the brakes.

I also need to make a centering tool like this to center the brake pads. These things are pains in the asses

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