Monday, July 13, 2009

Tack Tack Tack

Was another busy weekend. Lori had a show at Thee Parkside and I gotta see the Lost Puppies play as well. Their show was right after the Laff-A-Lots car club, and when we got there, they were doing drunken burnouts. As our car barely escaped being smashed, I was standing right in front of a Camaro as it was burning out in slow motion. I wanted to just reach out and touch it as it went by. Crazy.

Also did some running. Ran 8.38 miles yesterday. That's a long ass time to be out there running. At first you're like, "Yes, this is great! Smell the air! Hear the birds!" But after an hour and a half, you're just, "Oh god is this over yet? I have shit to do." Anyway it was a good run. 12:52 mile pace, 157 BPM heart rate, which is really good for me. My pace at the same heart rate and decreased almost 4 minutes in the last 2 months base training.

And finally, I got some Triumph time in. I deradiused the fender so it matched the contour of my rear tire better. Basically i accomplished this by using a 2X4 lever system, and just pushing it out every 4 inches.

I also got the 2 front mounts of the fender on. I made all my brackets with a die grinder cutting wheel, flap disc, and my bench grinder. They took forever. I wanted something mechanical, but also a fail safe to prevent fender rotation like the last accident I was in. I think they came out good. Everything is tack welded until I get the sissy bar made next weekend I hope.

During the fab process, you really realize how much a mill, lathe, band saw, bench sander, and media blaster would be useful.

I haven't done much on the Desoto yet. I pulled the plugs, and they look good. Not sure if I'm getting spark. I have a feeling I'm not. We shall see.

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76cafe said...

just wanted to say hey and i may have to steal your fender mounting style. looks awesome. joel