Monday, July 6, 2009

I didn't lose a finger, either

Our electrical panel blows. it's so old that no electrical supply houses have ever seen the breakers before. You can't get them anywhere. So I once again don't have 220, nor a welder. I'm waiting to get our panel updated to something modern. So I did everything I could think of yesterday that didn't involve welding.

I got the old microphone cut and prepped for making into a tail light. I also got my sissy bar shape figured out, just need to bend the 1/2" round bar to shape.

I also made my own brake rod and cut up the brake pedal. I need to make a bracket to attach the pedal to. Sure would be nice to have my welder right now.

Exciting stuuf, right?

I have today off, which is great. I'm gonna go eat some Crunch Berries and watch The Hustler.

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