Friday, October 17, 2014

Bringing home 2 more strays

I've been helping Ted's widow sell his collection of bikes, the money going to his son. I made her a deal, and brought home 2 of his XS650s, a 1971 XS1B and his 1972 XS2. Also an additional drum front end and a bunch of parts to hopefully finish each bike. I actually sold him the 1972 a few years ago. He put some time into the XS2 and got it running and some nice new parts. My plan is to completely restore the XS2, as it is all there, but I think I will put the drum front end on, and paint it the Candy Gold color of the 1971, as I really like that color. The '71 I will probably make a nice custom tracker or scrambler. I've got enough projects to last a lifetime at this point. Just getting them on the road again excites me. I think Ted would be happy.

1972 XS2

The drum front end

Some dude rocking a gold XS1B in 1975

1971 XS1B, nice black pucks on the drum, nobody repops them.

Old Bates headlight, guess I'll keep it!

and the motor (and a bunch of other parts)


The Squeaky Cyclist said...

I forget how I ran across your blog yesterday, but it's very interesting. Here's pic of a friend riding my Yamaha 650 XS-1 in a TT at Adelanto Speedway in 1972ish.

Vorhese said...

That's cool!