Monday, September 22, 2014

Bunch o' noodles

Life has been busy with life. Sicknesses, family visits, and general goings-ons. I managed to spend 8 hours on the CB750 and do a from-scratch wiring job using supposedly working regulator and rectifier and alternator. 4 2-hour nights of sucking in flux fumes and she is done. New wiring, brackets, battery, lights, switches, and AGM battery.

She started up right away but wasn't charging. It was a simple ground issue. I also made a temporary side cover out of some aluminum which I'll be shaping some more and painting black. Temporary as in probably permanent, but the intention is to get a hammer and bag and make a nice form fitting one out of sheet metal. I also need to make a nice front brake stay. I'm debating making a front fender with struts to mimic the stock look. I might bob the rear fender. And I want to slim down the seat with some custom upholstery. Also the square-profile front tire is a little hard to maneuver. I really need a 4-carb sync. I used to have one and let it be borrowed. Now I don't have one anymore. Baby steps. Low buck as I can get away with.

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