Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Headin' up and movin' out

I've spent near 40 hours in the last week packing the basement up to get ready to sell our house. It is unbelieveable how much stuff we have. It was very very overwhelming. All my motorcycle and tool stuff, which I need. Tons of action figures I can't get rid of. Tons of books I don't read but can't part with (in hopes Max will take interest some day.) Loads and loads of baby stuff we need to hang on to (no, nothing to report). Art supplies, guitars, sewing supplies, furniture, keepsakes, toys and toys and toys... Tonnage. I haven't even packed the actual house yet.

For a while I had to bikes in the back so I could move around easier. All lined up.

We've been looking at open houses every Sunday for a month. Everything is dependent on what's a tolerable commute, safety, the schools (they are bad everywhere), and what we can afford. We stand to make a good amount on our house, which is the only reason we can pull this off. We bought low, and now the market in our nieghborhood is insane. So we will be selling high. But also buying high. It boggles my mind that we will be paying 3/4 million dollars on a house that costs $250,000 just about anywhere else in the country... and it's competitive. All for Max and our sanity. Here's to better things!

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