Sunday, August 11, 2013

State of the Projects Address

CB360: Bought to fix and sell. Had a serious road block. Engine part broken that they don't reproduce and hard to find. Friend acrtually has piece I need. Piston/barrel good, so ready rebuild top end and keep going.

Purple Triumph: Been a waiting game for months. Rebuilt magneto failed on me twice. Rebuilder says on its way back with new armature. I just stare at it while drinking alone.

XS650: Down since October 31. After months of waiting on parts and work, machine shop called and barrels are bored to .0020-0.0022 in. of piston. That's a tight butthole. Can start reassembling top end and get back on the road.

CB750: Got donor bike's motor running. Currently rebuilding it's four times of fun carbs. That motor will get pulled and put in the real shinola.

RD350: Runs good. Still doesn't get over 80mph. Going to go friend for more help as soon as I have a trailer.

Lori's Dream 305: Cool pics posted tomorrow

'55 Triumph: Waiting for Max to help. Our first project.

Trailer: Where the hell am I going to park it?

Wife: she just hit 30 and her tread has 90% life on them. wink wink

Child: Emitting a high pitch screaming sound. Need to do a systems check.

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BitMonkey said...

Child: I could never find a manual or the warreny for mine, I'm guessing they would really help