Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Honda Four Mitosis

And then there was 2. A good value on a "should be running" CB750 came up yesterday. I said I would never own another Four, and certainly not another one of these beasts, but the value was too powerful to let go. I still hate 4 carburetors. I shall name her Franny. First bike I've ever owned that formally belonged to someone I know (I bought it off someone who bought it from him). After a few other projects get completed, going to get this one running, and put the motor and exhaust on my other '76 750. Somewhere down the line this 2nd 750 will be another complete project. I'm still running off of some Desoto sale fumes so I'm not too horribly irresponsible. Lori thinks I'm crazy, I know I am. It's a sickness.


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