Monday, January 21, 2013

Schmokie and the Banditos

Lo and behold, the motorcycle gods shone down on me Sunday, gifting me an afternoon ride on the RD. This was the RD's first real ride, other than the small local test rides, since it's big blow up 7 years ago. Since rebuilding the motor I have had a phobia of riding this bike. I'm paranoid that it will blow up again. But it made it.

The midrange was great, the twisties were fantastic. But there was no response after 3/4 throttle, which means I'm running lean on the main jet. I couldn't get over 70mph, and going up hills was slow. There's also not an acceptable take off from stop response, which means I need to fiddle with the pilot/air screw. But overall great to be on the bike again. I carried an arsenal of tools and spark plugs, but didn't need them.

And best of all, I come home and walk in the door to be greeted by a little fink running towards me with a smile from ear to ear.

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