Sunday, December 23, 2012

Early Xmas Present

I went to Four Aces in Pacoima to drop off the Triumph crank with Wes. While I was there I brought one of the rockers that had some boogered threads for the cap to see if he had the correct tap to clear them out. He took the rocker, asked if I realized it had a couple flaws (cracked bolt hole and a broken fin). I was aware but didn't truly mind, it was an old chromed out set I had. He runs upstairs like a bearded elf and starts throwing parts in the air mumbling. He comes downstairs with a set of nicer chromed rockers (with internals) and plops them down in front of me. "How much?" "A Christmas special of $20." Let it be known that I had recently spent just $10 on a set of rusted cap clips. Thanks Wes the Elf!

Now I'm not a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. I don't know how you can be unless you have had one of everything to compare bits to. But when I get parts I like to compare them. The rockers don't have part numbers, but you can clearly see the rear bolt mounts are much beefier on the new set, which makes me think they are a later design.

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