Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Triumph

I am so behind in updates.

I got my crank back from Wes at Four Aces. Journals are ground to .020" under, and the rotor keyway has been fixed. I put the sludge trap together and put on the connecting rods with new .020" shells. I'm having some problems with the timing side having tight spots. I was told the con rod bolts are one time use only, so I guess I'll try ordering a new pair.

I put in new main bearings (roller bearing on the drive side), and put in the camshafts and timing gears. Just waiting on the crank to be finished so I can slap them together.

Possibly the coolest thing ever, I got my chrome back. Craig at Front Street hooked me up with his polisher and plater. I got a pretty damn good deal and some damn good quality.

Finally, I got the front end together. Because the forks are lowered 3", the tightening seal is up in the fork covers, and I couldn't get my home made tightening tool in the divets... so I had to pre-assemble the forks and I used a ratchet strap to suck them up. Pretty sexy.

As soon as I can get the connecting rod problem resolved, I am hoping the rest of the motor rebuild goes quickly and easily. Everything is ready to go, I'm right there.

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