Monday, October 29, 2012

49 Mile Ride 2012

Again a lack of updates. It's amazing how if you miss one or two updates, you just get backlogged and then it all snowballs. So let's start with the best one: The 49 Mile Ride. I managed to get my XS running and riding great. I only had one blown fuse during the shakedown ride the day before. It rides like a new bike. I had to make a few time-restraint related concessions, but at least I have a running bike again.

Lori, Max, and I have been Popeye a few times so far for Halloween, and we showed up in costume for the ride. Lori and Max met me in the morning to see me off.

We won best costume, and our prize was a box of Rice A Roni.

The tshirts came out great!

I didn't take a lot of pictures, as I assumed there would be plenty out there. For a great ride recap go to Occhio Lungo.

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