Monday, February 21, 2011

The Big Show

Saturday night was the big event. I spent all Friday evening there setting up, and a good chunk of Saturday before the show getting everything ready. There was a torrential downpour all Saturday and I thought for sure it would damper the spitits of people to show up, but boy-howdy was I wrong. From 4PM on it was just a nonstop crowd of people coming to the show. We ran out of beer countless times and I lost my voice, but no other drama. Everyone had a great time. My broskis the Throwbacks came down to lend a hand of support and Lori mingled taking photos all night. Thanks again to everyone for all the help. Jason Anderson (Gallery Moto SF) and I had a fantastic night. Can't wait to do it again next year. Here are the results.

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Setting up

And here they come

Miss Cherry Bomb getting her spin on


Francisco & Lori

Jason X 2

All pictures click here


Sometime The Magic Works said...

More photos of your work on my Flickr page. Go to Feel free to tag them to your blog on the "share" link.

Anonymous said...

how the fruck you get all those bikes/parts to the 2nd floor? dag.