Saturday, October 11, 2008

I like to stop

They say when you get an old car the first thing you should do is make sure it stops. And then worry about it going. That makes sense, stopping prevents you from hitting things or bombing down a hill through an intersection. Unfortunately, I sometimes get antsy for the more aesthetic things. After getting my engine looking and going good this summer I've been driving my Desoto around with... moreless sufficient brakes. They seem to come and go, and mysteriously run out of brake fluid. Obviously there's a problem.

Well, it finally caught up with me. I suddenly lost brakes and had to limp home using my emergency brake. Bleeding the brakes was impossible on the front brakes, as just air bubbles constantly were coming out. I got a quote of $1685 for a brake job on my car. Yeh, my eyes bulged, too. So after getting some advice I decided to just tackle it myself.

I'm beginning the process by rebuilding my master cylinder and replacing my rubber lines. Today I ripped out the master cylinder. Well, it's beginning to make sense why I didn't have brakes. I'm not sure when the last time this car had brake work. Judging by the coagulated ball of sludge over everything I'm going to have to assume it's been a long time.

After I get that taken care of I'm going to tackle the front wheel cylinders, drums, and brake shoes.

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